Fast, Secure Authorization with broad application

The Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) family of algorithms is widely used in most cryptographic systems and is a component of most modern authentication protocols. These devices provide secure key storage and a tested turnkey hardware implementation of the SHA-256 algorithm.

All devices include a high-quality hardware random number generator (RNG) paired with a Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Deterministic Random Bit Generator (DRBG) to prevent replay attacks. The RNG is available to the system for general-purpose use as well as being integrated into the on-board protocols.

The members of the Atmel SHA2 authentication family feature a wide array of defensive mechanisms specifically designed to prevent physical attacks on the chip itself or logical attacks on the data transmitted between the chip and the system. All devices are also equipped with secure personalization features to facilitate third-party product manufacturing.

Each device ships with a guaranteed unique 72-bit serial number. Using the cryptographic protocols supported by the chip, a host system or remote server can prove that the serial number is both authentic and not a copy.


Client/Host authentication IC with EEPROM