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Atmel Trusted Platform Modules



Understand the Trusted Platform Module (“TPM”) Device

Step 1: Get the Demonstration/Development Tool
Atmel offers the AT97SC3205P-SDK2 (SPI) and AT97SC3205T-SDK2 (I2C) demo-development kits, which runs on any Windows 7 and Windows 8 platform using a virtual serial port. The kit includes a USB drive with example source code, kit installation code, and documentation.

Trusted Platform Module (SPI Interface ) Development Kit

Trusted Platform Module (I²C Serial Interface) Development Kit


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Step 2: Become Familiar with Trusting Computing Group (“TCG”) Standards
The Atmel TPM is based on a standard body of commands and functionality governed by a consortium of corporations that comprise TCG.

TCG PC Client Specific TPM Interface Specification (TIS)


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