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Touch Surface for IoT

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A Sure Touch for Application Specific Controls

Atmel offers market-proven technology for implementing nonmechanical buttons, sliders, and wheels on any touch-sensitive device. These integrated circuits (ICs) enhance the user experience with excellent precision and reliability. They also deliver superb low-power characteristics, a critical requirement for today's battery-powered handheld and mobile devices. The technology supports simple 1–10 button configurations as well as more complex scanned-matrix configurations of up to 48 buttons — at very low cost per button. In addition to the application specific chips, Atmel offers the QTouch® Suite for embedding buttons, sliders, and wheels into the industry-leading Atmel AT91SAM and AVR® microcontrollers.

Key Features

  • Long Range Proximity Sensing — Provides a more intuitive user interface by enabling capacitive proximity range reliably over 10-inches (25cm)
  • Cutting-edge interfaces — Soft controls enable sophisticated designs without the space constraints and wear-and-tear on mechanical parts.
  • Market-proven technologies — Atmel has 15 years of experience in the touch market, with hundreds of applications now in operation around the world.
  • Exacting precision — The ICs deliver patented adjacent button suppression for small keypads and enables clear, discrete buttons on touchscreens.
  • Design flexibility — Support for sliders and wheels on the interface and up to 48 customized buttons allows designers to maximize functionality and aesthetics.
  • Low power consumption — The ICs draw a minimum of power, conserving battery charges on mobile devices.
  • Robust operation — Environmental resilience and excellent noise suppression increase reliability and usability.


Device Family Summary Benefit Applications Technologies Key Parameters

Configurable sensitivity Proximity sensing

Touch button replacements for mechanical buttons

Touch technology

Max-on timeout

Touch-on/touch-off Configurable timer

Small packages

Mobile devices

Touch technology

Up to 10 soft buttons

Many buttons from one device

Mobile and consumer electronics applications & Home Appliances

Touch technology

Up to 48 soft buttons

Capacitive Touch Sliders and Wheels

Small control-panels
Battery-driven consumer devices

Touch technology

Up to 16 touch channels

LED control

I/O expansion

2-wire serial interface

Standardized, fully automotive-qualified 11-button capacitive-touch controller

Automotive applications like radios, keyless entry, electric windows, and satellite navigation

Touch technology

Automotive Qualified 11 buttons