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Touch Surface for IoT

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A Sure Touch for Application Specific Controls

Atmel offers market-proven technology for implementing nontechnical buttons, sliders, and wheels on any touch-sensitive device. Atmel touch technology enhance the user experience with excellent precision and reliability. Atmel offers its touch technology both as standalone dedicated touch devices, as peripheral module on select microcontrollers and as a generic software library for a wide range of 8 and 32-bit Atmel microcontrollers.

Key Features

  • Market proven technology — With 20 year experience in capacitive touch solution, Atmel offers reliable and proven technology for any touch application
  • Design flexibility — Support for buttons sliders and wheels allows designers to maximize functionality and aesthetics
  • Robust operation — Reliable operation regardless of changing noise, humidity or temperature conditions


Device Family Summary Benefit Applications Technologies Key Parameters

Superior performance and robustness

Fastest design time

Low power consumption

Prequalified for safety critical application

Easy to use

White Goods

User Interfaces

Consumer products

Battery-driven consumer devices


Mutual Capacitance


Adjecent Key Suppression® (AKS® )

Auto Drift Compensation

Noise Filtering

High Integration

Low CPU load

Integrate touch UI in main controller

Extreme low power possible

High Robustness for CI and other noise sources

Ideal for Mobile devices

White Goods


Remote Controls

Wearable devices

IoT devices

Touch surfaces


Mutual Capacitance

Autonomous Touch module allow seamless integration with complex applications

Advanced Driver library to allow easy compliance with UL, VDE, FMEA for safety critical applications

Up to 256 touch sensors

Automatic initialization and calibration for rock solid operation under changing environments

Comprehensive device support

Runs on standard Atmel MCUs

Low cost solution, include in existing MCU

Software Library with well-defined API

Low power consumption

Configurable and easy to use

Mobile devices

Consumer products

Industrial interfaces


Mutual Capacitance

Up to 64 buttons

Supports buttons, sliders and wheels


Auto drift compensation

Noise filtering

Adjecent Key Suppression® (AKS®)