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QTouch Library for Atmel MCUs

For devices without peripheral touch controller, Atmel offer a software based solution that allow high degree of freedom for microcontroller selection and configuration. Most Atmel AVR and SMART ARM devices are supported and the library provides robust and industry proven capacitive touch performance. QTouch library supports both self and mutual capacitance sensing. Unlike microcontrollers with hardware touch module (PTC) the software library is only capable of running a single sensing method at a time. A pure software based touch system will also use more power and CPU time than a PTC based system. Code development and debugging is made simple by QTouch composer which is a free extension to the Atmel Studio IDE software.

Key Features

  • Broad controller support — Supports 8-bit AVR, 32-bit AVR and SMART ARM families
  • High Integration — Add touch functionality to an existing microcontroller application
  • Common API — A common API across all library versions simplifies portability and development
  • Flexible — Mix and match buttons, sliders and wheels. Up to 64 touch channels are supported
  • Support both self and mutual capacitance sensor layout
  • Three acquisition methods — QTouch Library supports three patented capacitive touch acquisition methods: QTouch®, QTouchADC and QMatrix®




Small and powerful

More peripherals and options

Extreme 8-bit performance, advanced peripherals and options

The world’s most efficient 32-bit microcontroller

ARM® based products architected for performance, power efficiency and ease-of-use