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With Atmel® touch technologies, human interfaces are intuitive, uniquely personal, and simply fun to use. From our touchscreen controllers to our touch sensors and everything in between, we provide technologies that enable you to produce smart and differentiated designs that delight your customers. We’ll meet your high-performance standards, not to mention your power consumption expectations. With our configuration options, you’ll be able to implement our chips in all kinds of applications.

  • Touchscreen Controllers — Our maXTouch® touchscreen controller technology delivers superior performance and low power consumption, enabling touch interfaces that identify, qualify, and track the user’s contacts with exceptional precision and sensitivity, while ignoring unintended touches. Our latest T series of devices provides an exceptional touch performance that supports finger, thin stylus, thick glove, and hover operations, as well as robust touches even when the touchscreen is coated with moisture or rain drops.
  • Touch Sensors — Our XSense® touch sensors provide a highly flexible, high-performance alternative to traditional touch sensors, enabling you to develop light, sleek touch-based designs that are edgeless, have narrow borders, and feature curved surfaces.
  • Buttons, Sliders and Wheels — Our market-proven technology for implementing non-mechanical buttons, sliders and wheels (BSW) offers excellent precision and reliability on any touch-sensitive device. The technology delivers low power, and low cost, and supports simple configurations of 1 to 10 buttons with up to scanned-matrix configurations having 48 buttons.
  • Atmel QTouch Library — The Atmel QTouch® Library makes it simple for you to embed capacitive-touch buttons, sliders and wheels (BSW) functionality into general-purpose Atmel ARM®-based and AVR® microcontroller applications. The royalty-free QTouch Library provides several library files for each device and supports different numbers of touch channels, enabling both flexibility and efficiency in touch applications.

Transform the User Experience with Atmel Touch Controllers

For the user, touch technology is all about sensitivity, speed, and accuracy— in other words, an interface that senses and responds to their touches precisely and reliably, in the blink of an eye.

As a global leader in capacitive touch technology with more than 15 years of experience, Atmel can be your partner in delivering transformative touch innovations to the market quickly and cost-effectively. Our robust noise-resistant integrated circuits (ICs) are designed to provide superior performance and response times while conserving power and saving space. For enhanced functionality and design ease, you can also integrate our touch technology with leading-edge Atmel ARM-based and AVR microcontrollers.

Typical Applications for Atmel Touch Solutions