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Lighter, Sleeker, Edgeless Designs

Atmel® XSense® touch sensors open a new world of possibilities for touch-based products. A highly flexible film, XSense sensors can be used on curved surfaces and edges. So now you can design capacitive touchscreens in shapes that previously weren’t possible.

Envision sleek, edgeless and lighter smartphones, tablets and more. Imagine eliminating mechanical buttons, in favor of more reliable, moisture-resistant, touch-based buttons. Compared with traditional  touch sensors, you’ll be able to create a much more engaging touch user experience. With XSense touch sensors, you can truly go beyond the edge of your imagination for a new class of touch-based products.

Key Features

  • Flexible material — Create unique touch-based products with excellent optical clarity with flexible XSense touch sensors, which can wrap around curved surfaces.
  • Low sheet resistance — Get better noise immunity and lower power consumption via very low sheet resistance.
  • Narrow border — Create larger active screen areas, maximizing use of the touchscreen’s glass surface.
  • Narrow bond area — Experience improved device reliability and reduced material cost.
  • Support for larger touchscreens — Create touch-enabled products of different form factors.
  • Stylus support — Design products with a richer user experience, taking advantage of XSense support for active and passive stylus solutions.
  • Linearity — Deliver greater accuracy in the touch experience as well as stylus performance.


Device Family Summary Benefit Applications Technologies Key Parameters

Support for larger active screen sizes, curved surfaces and edgeless designs

Better device reliability

Highly accurate stylus performance

XSense touch sensors

Low sheet resistance

Narrow bond area

Enhanced linearity