Atmel Trademark Usage Guidelines


These Guidelines set forth the rules relating to third party use of, or reference to, trademarks and service marks of Atmel Corporation and its affiliates (collectively, "Atmel"), including, but not limited to, all of Atmel's registered and unregistered trademarks and service marks, logos, slogans and words (collectively "Atmel Trademarks"). Atmel's Trademarks are Atmel's exclusive intellectual property and are an extremely valuable asset to the Company. These Guidelines are intended to guide you on how and in which situations the Atmel Trademarks are properly used. Atmel appreciates your assistance in maintaining the value of its intellectual property by fully complying with the rules set forth in these Guidelines. If you have any questions regarding these Guidelines, please contact the Atmel Legal Department.

By using an Atmel Trademark, in whole or in part, you acknowledge that the Atmel Trademarks are the exclusive property of Atmel and that the use of the Atmel Trademarks permitted hereunder and all goodwill connected with the Atmel Trademarks shall inure to the benefit of Atmel. You further agree that:

  1. you will not challenge Atmel's use and registration of, or application to register, the Atmel Trademarks, alone or in combination with any other component term or design, anywhere in the world;
  2. you will not engage in any act likely to harm the Atmel Trademarks or bring them into disrepute; and
  3. you will not use the Atmel Trademarks in a manner not expressly permitted under these Guidelines. Except for the limited usage right expressly permitted under these Guidelines, you are granted no other rights of any kind hereunder, by implication or otherwise.

I. Who Do These Guidelines Apply to?

These Guidelines apply to Atmel customers, licensees, authorized resellers, developers, consultants, outside vendors, and any other third parties who want to use Atmel Trademarks in promotional, advertising, sales, instructional, or reference materials, or on their web sites, products, labels or packaging. However, if you are a licensee of a particular Atmel trademark or logo and have entered into a specific license agreement with Atmel, the license agreement may have special trademark guidelines that differ from these Guidelines. Please follow the specific guidelines provided to you in your license agreement. If you have not been provided with specific guidelines, please adhere to these Guidelines


II. Authorized Uses of Atmel Trademarks

II.1. Referencing Atmel's Products and Services:

II.1.A You must obtain express written permission from Atmel to use the Atmel Logo

II.1.B With the exception of the Atmel Logo, you may use other Atmel Trademarks to refer to actual Atmel products and services, but all references must be truthful and fair and must otherwise comply with these Guidelines. Any reference to Atmel Trademarks, however, must not mislead consumers into believing that Atmel sponsors, endorses, or is otherwise affiliated with your company, products or services, unless otherwise specifically authorized by Atmel.

II.2. Indicating Compatibility:

II.2.A. You may not use the Atmel Logo to indicate compatibility unless you receive written authorization from Atmel.

II.2.B. You may use other Atmel Trademarks on your packaging, web sites, and in advertising materials to indicate that your product or service is compatible with a specific Atmel product or service, provided such use complies with the Guidelines herein, and with the following conditions:

  1. the Atmel Trademarks are not part of, or incorporated into, the name of your product or service;
  2. there is a clear visual separation between your company and product or service name and any Atmel Trademark;
  3. the Atmel Trademarks appear less prominent and smaller than your company, product or service name;
  4. the Atmel Trademarks are only used in a truthful, accurate manner in connection with your product or service, such as "for use with Atmel products," or "compatible with Atmel products";
  5. you in no way imitate Atmel's product packaging, advertising or trade dress in connection with your company, product or service;
  6. you do not adopt any product, service or company name that is likely to be confused with any Atmel trademark; and
  7. your use of the Atmel Trademarks in no way suggests that Atmel endorses or sponsors your products or services or is in any associated with your company.

II.3. Use in Publications, Seminars, and Conferences:

You may use Atmel Trademarks on the cover of publications, in articles, and in the titles of seminars and conferences, provided your use complies with the Guidelines herein and the following conditions:

  1. the publication, article, seminar or conference relates to Atmel or to a specific Atmel product, service or technology;
  2. the use reflects favorably on Atmel and/or Atmel products, services or technology;
  3. the Atmel Trademarks appear less prominent and smaller than your company name or personal identifier on all printed materials relating to the publication, article, seminar or conference;
  4. the Atmel Trademarks are not used as the leading (first) word in the title for your publication, article, seminar or conference;
  5. you include a disclaimer of sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement by Atmel, similar to the following, on the publication and on all related printed materials: "[Title] is an independent [publication] and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved of by Atmel Corporation"; and
  6. you include a trademark attribution notice in the credit section of the publication or related printed materials in the form required under these Guidelines under section IV, titled "Rules for Proper Display of Atmel Trademarks."

III. Prohibited Uses of Atmel Trademarks

III.1. No Use as Company Name, Product or Service Name, or Domain Name and No Registration:

Do not use, or apply to register for, or acquire any application to register or any registration for, any trademark, service mark, trade name, corporate name, slogan, tag line, domain name, keyword, or metatag containing any Atmel Trademark, or a homonym or phonetic equivalent of any Atmel Trademark, or any other term likely to be confused with or likely to dilute any Atmel Trademark, in any jurisdiction worldwide, except as specifically permitted by these Guidelines.

III.2. Atmel Logo and Atmel-Owned Graphic Symbols:

Do not use or otherwise imitate the Atmel Logo or any other Atmel-owned graphic symbol, logo, design or icon on or in connection with websites, products, packaging, documentation, promotional, advertising and sales materials, or for any other purpose except pursuant to express written authorization from Atmel, such as a reseller agreement or license agreement.

III.3. Disparaging Use:

Do not use any Atmel Trademark in a manner that would tend to disparage Atmel Corporation, or its subsidiaries, or any Atmel products, services or technology or otherwise damage the reputation of Atmel or the goodwill in the Atmel Trademarks.

III.4. Use that Suggests Endorsement or Sponsorship:

Unless you have written authorization from Atmel, do not use the Atmel Trademarks in a manner that might suggest that Atmel endorses or sponsors your products or services or is in any way associated with you or any other third party product, service or technology.

III.5. Merchandise Items:

Do not manufacture, sell or give away any merchandise items, such as T-shirts, hats, mugs, pens, etc. bearing any Atmel Trademark, unless you have written authorization from Atmel to do so.

III.6. Atmel's Trade Dress:

Do not use or otherwise imitate Atmel's packaging, web site design, documentation style, or any other trade dress used by Atmel.


IV. Rules for Proper Display of Atmel Trademarks

IV.1. Always Use Atmel Trademarks as Adjectives:

Do not use Atmel Trademarks in the possessive or plural forms. Instead, always use the Atmel trademarks as adjectives, accompanied by an appropriate generic descriptor. The common way to do this is to capitalize the product name and use the appropriate trademark symbol, ® or a ™, and follow it with the appropriate noun, for example:

Correct: We use ATMEL® AVR® microcontrollers in our products.
Incorrect: We use ATMEL AVRs in our products.

You may also indicate that Atmel is a trademark by putting it in bold, underlining it, or setting it in "quotation marks." Atmel Trademarks associated with a product model number can have such model number appear after the mark and before the appropriate noun or product name, for example, AVR®32 microcontroller.

IV.2. No Modification of the Atmel Trademarks:

Do not shorten, abbreviate, change the spelling of, or create acronyms out of any of the Atmel Trademarks. Always spell and capitalize Atmel Trademarks exactly as they are shown in the Atmel Trademark List.

IV.3. Always Use the Proper Trademark Designation

(® or ™): Atmel Trademarks should be used with the proper trademark designation (® or ™) and placement, as described in Atmel Trademark List. In all written materials, properly designate Atmel Trademarks at the first or most prominent use of the mark (for example, a headline) and again on the first occurrence in text. In the case of publications containing multiple articles, properly designate Atmel Trademarks on the first occurrence in the Table of Contents, in headlines and on the first occurrence in each article in which the Atmel Trademarks are used. For slideshows or presentations, properly designate Atmel Trademarks on each page, since the pages might be distributed independently.

IV.4. Always Use Proper Attribution Statements:

Always include the following attribution statement crediting Atmel with ownership of the Atmel Trademarks within the credit notice section of your product packaging, product documentation, advertisements, web pages or other written materials:

"[_________ and _________]* are registered trademarks or trademarks of Atmel Corporation or its subsidiaries, in the US and/or other countries."

(* List all Atmel Trademarks being used, beginning with "Atmel" (if used), followed by other Atmel Trademarks in alphabetical order.)

Atmel reserves the right to object to any use of Atmel Trademarks that Atmel deems to be objectionable, even if such use is not expressly prohibited by these Guidelines. Atmel also reserves the right to revise these Guidelines at any time without notice.