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AT86RF215 Complete

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Sub-1GHz/2.4GHz Transceiver and I/Q Radio for IEEE Std 802.15.4g™-2012, IEEE Std 802.15.4™-2011 and ETSI TS 102 887-1.

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AT86RF215M is a sub-1GHz transceiver compliant to IEEE 802.15.4-2011, IEEE 802.15.4g-2012, and ETSI TS 102 887-1.

The AT86RF215M offers very high flexibility by supporting a variety of data rates with three modulation schemes: multi-rate and multi-regional frequency shift keying (MR-FSK), orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (MR-OFDM), as well as offset quadrature phase-shift keying (MR-O-QPSK).

Key Features

  • Fully integrated radio transceiver covering 389.5-510 MHz and 779-1020 MHz, including
    • European bands at 863-870 MHz, 870-876 MHz, and 915-921 MHz
    • Chinese bands at 470-510 MHz and 779-787 MHz
    • North American band at 902-928 MHz
    • Korean band at 917-923.5 MHz
    • Japanese band at 920-928 MHz
  • Supported PHYs (IEEE 802.15.4 and proprietary modes)
    • MR-FSK: 50…400 ksymbol/s with optional forward error correction and interleaving
    • MR-OFDM: 50…2400 kbit/s
    • MR-O-QPSK: 6.25…1000 kbit/s, 100…2000 kchip/s
    • O-QPSK: 250…1000 kbit/s
  • IEEE 802.15.4 MAC support
    • Frame filter
    • FCS handling
    • Automatic acknowledgement
    • CCA with automatic transmit
  • Industry leading link budget
    • Programmable TX output power up to +14 dB
    • Receiver sensitivity down to -123 dBm

Principais parâmetros


Operating Voltage (Vcc):

1.8 to 3.6

Temp. Range (deg C):

-40 to 85

Transmit Current Consumption (mA):

65 at 14dBm

Receive Current Consumption (mA):


Receiver Sensitivity (dBm):


Max Data Rate (Mb/s):


Frequency Band:

389.5 to 510, 779 to 1020MHz


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AT86RF215M-ZU VQFN PQ 48 Industrial (A) (-40°C to 85°C) Tray Solicitação
AT86RF215M-ZUR VQFN PQ 48 Industrial (A) (-40°C to 85°C) Tape&Reel Solicitação

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