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Solid-State LED Lighting






MSL3082 Complete

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The Atmel mSilica MSL3082 compact, high-power LED string driver uses external MOSFETs to provide up to at least 500mA per string, with current accuracy and matching better than ±1%. The MSL3082 drives eight parallel strings of LEDs, and offers fault detection and management of open and short circuit LEDs.

The MSL3082 features a 1MHz I2C serial interface. The interface supports video frame-by-frame LED string intensity control for up to 16 interconnected devices, allowing active area dimming when used for video displays. The advanced PWM engine synchronizes with the video signal, and offers phase shifted string drive, virtually eliminating waterfall noise and motion blur.

The MSL3082 adaptively controls the DC-DC converters that power the LED strings, using patented mSilica Adaptive SourcePower™ technology. These efficiency optimizers minimize power use while maintaining LED current accuracy, and allow up to eight interconnected devices to automatically negotiate the optimum power supply voltage.

A unique combination of peak current control and pulse width dimming management offers simple full-screen brightness control, versatile area dimming, and a consistent white point. LED string current is set for each string using a current sense (FET source) resistor. LED current is also digitally controlled for all eight LED strings. Global string drive pulse width is adjusted with a 6-bit global intensity register, and individual string pulse width is modulated with 8-bit control. Additionally, the MSL3082 optionally throttles back the PWM on time of all strings when the temperature of the LEDs exceeds a programmable threshold.

Principais parâmetros


Interface Type:


Number of Strings:


Max Current per String:


LEDs per String:


Max String Match:


String Current per String:

6 bits + R

String PWM Global:

6 bits

String PWM per String:

8 bits

String Phasing:

8 bits

External VSYNC: