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MSL3163/3164 Complete

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The MSL3163 compact, high-power LED string driver uses internal current control MOSFETs to sink up to 100mA per string, with current accuracy and matching better than 3%. The MSL3163 drive 16 parallel strings of ten white LEDs each, for a total of 160 white LEDs per device. Sixteen interconnected devices control up to 2560 white LEDs.

The MSL3163 features a 1MHz I2C serial interface supporting video frame-by-frame LED string intensity control for up to 16 interconnected devices to allow active area dimming. The devices include an advanced PWM engine that easily synchronizes to a video signal, and per-string phase adjustment to reduce unwanted LCD artifacts such as motion blur. Additionally, an on-chip EEPROM allows the power-up defaults to be customized through the serial interface.

The MSL3163 adaptively control the DC-DC converters that power the LED strings, using mSilica's Adaptive SourcePower™ technology. These Efficiency Optimizers minimize power use while maintaining LED current accuracy.

A unique combination of peak current control and pulse width management offer simple full screen brightness control, versatile area dimming and a consistent white point. One external resistor provides the global peak reference current for all LED strings, and global peak current fine-tuning is available through an 8-bit register. Global string drive pulse width is adjusted with an 8-bit global intensity register, and individual string pulse width is modulated with 12-bit registers.

Principais parâmetros


Interface Type:


Number of Strings:


Max Current per String:


LEDs per String:


Max String Match:


String Current Global:

8 bits + R

String PWM Global:

8 bits

String PWM per String:

12 bits

String Phasing:

12 bits

External VSYNC: