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MSLB9061 Complete

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The Atmel compact, 6-channel LED driver board is a complete LED backlight driver solution using the MSL1061 LED driver for medium-sized LCD panels. Each channel drives up to 12 series-connected LEDs at up to 30mA per channel. The diver board is configured to operate from 3.3V up to 28V. The full-scale LED current is preset to 15, 20, 25, or 30mA per LED string, selected by an onboard switch. Current can be reduced from full-scale through the I2C serial interface in 16 linear steps. Digital (PWM) dimming is available through an external signal or by using the internal PWM generator via the serial interface.

The optional microcontroller board and graphical user interface (GUI) software allow control of the driver board through a personal computer. This gives access to the internal features of the MSL1061, including fault detection, digital control of LED current, individual LED string on/off control, and internally generated PWM dimming.

The compact six-channel LED driver board is intended for evaluation, prototyping, or small production runs. Gerber files and Cadence OrCAD layout files are available to allow the circuit to be integrated into a larger system for large production runs.

Principais parâmetros


Interface Type:


Number of Strings:


Max Current per String:


LEDs per String:


Max String Match:


String Current Global:

4 bits + R

String Current per String:


String PWM Global:

8 bits

String PWM per String:


String Phasing:



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