EPLD Military Devices

Atmel is committed to producing high-performance products for military and aerospace applications. Atmel's military EPLD offerings combine reliability and high performance demanded by today's military designers.

Atmel supports the DSCC Standard Military Drawing (SMD) program. Each SMD part number that Atmel supplies corresponds to an Atmel /883 part number. Atmel's DSSC SMD qualified EPLD products range from the Popular ATF22V10B to the high density ATF750C. The ATF2500C device which replaced the ATV2500B/BQ/BQL/BL is offered as a Military temperature tested device only.

Device(s)SMDSpeed (ns)ICC (mA)Package
ATF22V10C-10NM/8835962-89841163A109014528 LCC
ATF22V10C-10GM/8835962-8984116LA109014524 CerDip
ATF22V10C-15NM/8835962-89841153A156512028 LCC
ATF22V10C-15GM/8835962-8984115LA156512024 CerDip
ATF22V10B-10NM/8835962-89841063X109014528 LCC
ATF22V10B-10GM/8835962-8984106LA109014524 CerDip
ATF22V10B-15NM/8835962-89841033X156512028 LCC
ATF22V10B-15GM/8835962-8984103LA156512024 CerDip
ATF750C-10GM/8835962-0720101MLA1013519024 CerDip
ATF750C-10NM/8835962-0720101M3A1013519028 LCC
ATF750C-15GM/8835962-0720102MLA1513519024 CerDip
ATF750C-15NM/8835962-0720102M3A1513519028 LCC

Military Temperature Grade

Device(s)Speed (ns)ICC (mA)Package
ATF2500C-20GM208013040-pin CerDip
ATF2500C-20KM208013044-pin JLCC
Email marketing for availability (stock) of older parts that have been discontinued such as ATV2500B, ATV2500BQ, ATV2500BQL, the AT22V10, AT22V10L.