CryptoAuthentication™ Battery IC

AT88SA100S – An extremely cost-effective method to securely authenticate battery packs or any replaceable item that contains a power source. CryptoAuthentication provides an ideal solution to prevent the use of inferior counterfeit battery packs and protects OEMs and end users from dangers associated with cloned devices, such as increased safety risks, poor product performance, greater product returns and the loss of revenue from the sale of battery packs sold by the of original manufacturer.

The CryptoAuthentication family is based on the latest US Government recommended SHA-256 hashing algorithm for superior algorithm security. Every CryptoAuthentication device contains a pre-programmed serial number which is guaranteed to be unique, and storage for a 256 bit secret key.

World Class Algorithm – First authentication chip using SHA-256 hash algorithm. 256 bit key length prevents exhaustive attacks.

Straightforward Command Set – 256 bit challenge generates 256 bit response, plus only 3 other runtime commands. Allows easy use across a wide range of application scenarios.

Secure Personalization – Full support of strong encryption for OEM secrets allows chips to be initialized at third party subcontractors without worry.

Robust Physical Security – Integrated metal shields, voltage and frequency detectors, watchdog timer, and internal memory encryption.

Smallest Package – 3 pin SOT23 fits in the most space sensitive applications.

Single Pin Interface – Simple software interface using any microcontroller requires only a single GPIO. Host and multiple clients share same pin.

Supply VoltageIO VoltageStandby CurrentHash AlgorithmKey SizeData RateSerial NumberSamples Avail.
2.5V –5.5V1.8V – 5.5V<100 naSHA-256256 bits27K bits/sec48 bitsYes



  • Secure battery authentication
  • Superior SHA-256 Hash Algorithm
  • Best in class 256 bit key length
  • Guaranteed Unique 48 bit Serial Number
  • High speed single wire interface
  • Supply Voltage: 2.5 – 5.5V
  • <100nA Sleep Current
  • 4KV ESD protection
  • Green compliant (exceeds RoHS) 3 pin SOT-23 package
  • Multi-level hardware security
  • Secure personalization


  • Cell Phones
  • PDA and Smart Phones
  • Portable Media Players
  • Digital Cameras & Camcorders
  • Cordless Tools
  • Handheld Devices