CryptoAuthentication™ AT88SA10HS Host IC

CryptoAuthentication's host side IC provides embedded systems designers a plug and play authentication solution. The host chip off-loads key storage and the execution algorithms from the system microprocessor, making it ideal in applications with space constraints. Now, there is no need for system designers to design or test the cryptographic algorithms, which significantly reduces both system cost and complexity. The AT88SA10HS CryptoAuthentication host IC enables a cost effective solution which includes key storage in a special purpose ultra secure hardware device.

To validate the authenticity of a consumable or replaceable item (client) connected to a system (host), there must be some secret information stored in both the client and the host. The AT88SA102S and the AT88SA100S devices provide a secure location to store this secret data in the client and the CryptoAuthentication host chip (AT88SA10HS) provides a way to securely store this secret in the host.