Atmel Trusted Platform Modules

Complete Security for PCs and Embedded Systems

The Atmel Trusted Platform Module (TPM) provides strong hardware-based public key (RSA) security for both personal computers and embedded processors on a single chip. It is a complete turnkey system that integrates industry-leading Atmel AVR® microcontroller architecture, Atmel EEPROM technology, and Atmel security technology. Implementing version 1.2 of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) specification for TPMs, the chip delivers intellectual property protection, system integrity, authentication, and secure communications. The Trusted Platform Module Embedded TWI Development Kit received a 2008 Readers Tech Choice Award from eg3, an independent news source devoted to electronic design.

Principais recursos

  • Turnkey solution — The TPM includes integrated, protected nonvolatile storage for cryptographic keys, secrets, and authorization information.
  • Full TCG compliance — According to TCG, applications based on the trusted computing infrastructure exhibit superior security governance and risk management.
  • Hardware security — The TPM includes a high-quality hardware random number generator, active shielding, and a variety of tamper-detection and response circuits.
  • High performance — The TPM’s cryptographic accelerator can compute a 2048-bit RSA signature in 200ms.
  • Energy savings — The TPM supports SIRQ for interrupts and CLKRUN to permit clock stopping for power savings in mobile computers.
  • Software support — BIOS and hardware drivers are available for both Windows and Linux; third-party system and application software is also available.
  • Two interfaces — There is a 33 MHz LPC interface for PC integration and a 2-wire interface for non-PC and embedded computing systems.


Família de dispositivos Benefícios resumidos Aplicações Tecnologias Principais parâmetros
Standards-based hardware security

Network authentication

Internet 'compatible'

Turnkey solution

Full TCG compliance

High performance

Software support libraries

Two interfaces – LPC and 2-wire
System, device and network authentication

Intellectual property protection, system integrity and secure communications.

AVR Microcontrollers

EEPROM technology

Hardware Security technology

Cryptographic accelerator

Random Number Generator

Anonymous ID


Trusted Platform Module

PC security

Tablet security


Trusted Computing Group