This reference design is a complete wireless thermostat using Atmel® ATSAM4LC microcontroller and AT86RF233 2.4GHz transceiver. The user interface consists of 6 touch buttons and a custom segment LCD with backlight. Users can change the thermostat settings for every day of the week, with a granularity of 6 hours. Communication with the HVAC system is done by Atmel Lightweight Mesh stack.

Principais recursos

  • Temperature/Humidity/Ambient light sense capabilities
  • FreeRTOS™ tickless implementation
  • 6 capasitive touch buttons (Atmel QTouch Library)
  • Atmel Lightweight Mesh proprietary software stack
  • Atmel AT86RF233 2.4GHz RF transceiver
  • Ten-month life time with two AA alkaline batteries