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PS-AT28C010 Electrical Characteristics

(размер файла: 382705, 24 стр., ред. C, обновлено: 1 08 г.)

This specification details the ratings, physical and electrical characteristics, tests and inspection data of the 128K x 8-Bit EEPROM named AT28C010.


AT28C010-12DK Complete

(размер файла: 364039, 19 стр., ред. E, обновлено: 2 11 г.)
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High-performance 1-Mb EEPROM organized as 131,072 words by 8 bits. Manufactured with Atmel advanced nonvolatile CMOS technology, the device offers access times to 120ns with power dissipation of just 275mW. When the device is deselected, the CMOS standby current is less than 10mA.It is accessed like a static RAM for the read or write cycle without the need for external components. The device contains a 128-byte page register to allow writing of up to 128 bytes simultaneously. During a write cycle, the address and 1 to 128 bytes of data are internally latched, freeing the address and data bus for other operations. Following the initiation of a write cycle, it will automatically write the latched data using an internal control timer. The end of a write cycle can be detected by data polling of I/O7. Once the end of a write cycle has been detected a new access for a read or write can begin.

Основные параметры


Temp. Range (deg C):

-55 to 125

Operating Voltage (Vcc):

4.5 to 5.5