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5962-09A03 (for AT7910E)

5962-09A03 (for AT7910E) Standard Microcircuit Drawing

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AT7910E Complete

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SpW-10X SpaceWire Router User Manual

SpW-10X SpaceWire Router User Manual Complete

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This document is a technical reference for the implementation and operation of the SpW-10X SpaceWire Router device (Atmel part number AT7910E).

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Routing switch capable of connecting many nodes and routing packets between the nodes connected to it. It is comprised of eight SpaceWire link interfaces and a routing matrix. Its routing matrix enables packets arriving at one link interface to be transferred to and sent out of another link interface on the routing switch. It is manufactured using the SEU hardened cell library from Atmel MH1RT CMOS 0.35-µm rad-hardened sea of gates technology.

Основные параметры


Temp. Range (deg C):

-55 to 125

Operating Voltage (Vcc):

3.0 to 3.6