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ATA663201/ATA663203/ATA663231/ATA663254 Complete

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4th generation LIN Bus Transceiver with Integrated Voltage Regulator 3.3V/5V, 8-Pin

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The Atmel® ATA663203/31/54 device family includes two basic products; a LIN system basis chip (SBC) and a low-drop voltage regulator with compatible footprint.
The Atmel® ATA663231/54 system basis chip is a fully integrated LIN transceiver, designed according to the LIN specification 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.2A and SAEJ2602-2, with a low-drop voltage regulator with 3.3V/85mA (ATA663231) or 5V/85mA (ATA663254). The combination of voltage regulator and bus transceiver makes it possible to develop simple but powerful slave nodes in LIN bus systems. Atmel ATA663231/54 is designed to handle the low-speed data communication in vehicles (for example, in convenience electronics). Improved slope control at the LIN driver ensures secure data communication up to 20Kbaud. The bus output is designed to withstand high voltage. Sleep mode and silent mode guarantee minimized current consumption even in the case of a floating or a shorted LIN bus. The voltage regulator is a fully integrated low-drop regulator working down to a supply voltage of 2.3V with best-in-class current consumption in linear mode (2V…VS...5V) with less than 170µA. This enables storing data within the MCU during system shutdown even in case of an unexpected power supply interruption. The device is available in DFN8 package with wettable flanks and pin assignment according to OEM hardware requirements for LIN-, CAN-, and Flexray- interfaces, rev. 1.3.
The Atmel ATA663203 (voltage regulator) is a fully integrated low-drop voltage regulator, with 5V output voltage and 85mA current capability. It is especially designed for the automotive environment. A key feature is that the current consumption is always below 170µA (without load), even if the supply voltage is below the regulator’s nominal output voltage.

The ATA663203 footprint is compatible to the ATA663254 which enables customers to produce modules with/without LIN transceiver by assembling the LIN SBC (ATA663254) or the standalone LDO (ATA663203).

Основные параметры


LIN functions:


Vreg voltage:


Vreg current (mA):

85 mA

Max. IVSSleep (uA):

15 uA

Wake-up indic. LIN:

RXD low and TXD low

Wake-up indic. VS undervoltage:

RXD low and TXD high

TXD time-out:


TXD time-out tDOM:


INH output protection:


Int. LIN pull-up to VS:



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