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ATA8520E Complete

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Single Chip SIGFOX™ compliant Dual Mode RF Transceiver for EU (ETSI) 868MHz and US (FCC) 902MHz operation, up- and downlink

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The ATA8520E is a Transceiver IC for up- and downlink operation in the EU (ETSI) 868MHz and US (FCC) 902MHz SIGFOX™ networks. It can be used to provide equipment for the Internet of Things (IoT) and other machine-to-machine communication using an air interface to the SIGFOX™ proprietary network. Industrial and consumer applications include environmental sensors, smart meters, patient monitors, home automation and building security systems. The ATA8520E incorporates an RF front end for up- and downlink to a SIGFOX™ base station, a digital baseband and a microcontroller in a single chip. Firmware stored in internal memory supports the chip’s operations, including handling of the SIGFOX™ protocol. The SIGFOX ID, PAC code and Encryption key are stored and secured inside the chip. A serial peripheral interface provides for external control and configuration. The single chip solution provide extreme low power consumption. The Supply-voltage range is 2.9V-3.1V (3V operation mode) or 3.3V-5.5V (5V operation mode).

Ключевые особенности

  • Out of the Box solution with highest integration level of SIGFOX functionalities
  • SIGFOX protocol stack, SIGFOX ID, PAC code and Encryption key are stored and secured inside the chip – everything is locked
  • Dual mode operation supports the EU (ETSI) 868MHz and US (FCC) 902MHz SIGFOX network
  • Flexible solution – can be combined with any host microcontroller, SPI interface
  • Extreme low power consumption:— in TX mode: 31.8mA at +13.8dBm in ETSI 868MHz mode, 16.7mA at +9.5dBm in FCC 902Hz mode; in RX mode: 10.5mA; in OFF mode: 5nA

Основные параметры


Crypto Engine:


Power Output (dBm):


Antenna Diversity:


Frequency Band:

868MHz (ETSI) 902MHz (FCC)



Operating Voltage (Vcc):

2.9-3.1 or 3.3-5.5

EEPROM (Bytes):


SRAM (kBytes):


Max Data Rate (bit/s):