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ATF280 Standard Microcircuit Drawing

ATF280 Standard Microcircuit Drawing Standard Microcircuit Drawing

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ATF280F Complete

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Rad hardened SRAM-based reprogrammable FPGA designed for space application. It implements hardened cells and a permanent self-integrity check mechanism. It is manufactured using Atmel 0.18-µ rad-hard AT58KRHA CMOS technology. Its architecture provides the highest levels of performance, functional density, and design flexibility in an FPGA. The cells in its array are small, efficient, and can implement any pair of Boolean functions of the same three inputs or any single Boolean function of four inputs. Its small cell size leads to arrays with large numbers of cells, greatly multiplying the functionality in each cell. A simple, high-speed busing network provides fast, efficient communication over medium and long distances.

Основные параметры


Temp. Range (deg C):

-55 to 125

Operating Voltage (Vcc):

1.65 to 1.95/3 to 3.6