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ATM90E25 Preliminary

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Single-Phase, High-Performance, Wide-Span Energy Metering IC

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The ATM90E25 is a high-performance energy metering device for single-phase two-wire, single-phase three-wire or anti-tampering energy meters. With the measurement function, the ATM90E25 can also be used in power instruments which need to measure voltage, current, etc.

  • Fully compliant with IEC standard IEC62052-11 and IEC62053-21
  • Applicable to class 1 or class 2 single-phase watt-hour meter
  • Accuracy of 0.1% for active energy and 0.2% for reactive energy over a dynamic range of 5000:1
  • Temperature coefficient is 15ppm/°C (typical) for on-chip reference voltage
  • Electrical parameters measurement: less than ±0.5% fiducial error for Vrms, Irms, mean active/apparent power, frequency, power factor and phase angle
  • Standard 4-wire/simplified 3-wire SPI interface
  • Dedicated ADC and different gains for L line and N line current sampling circuits
  • Current sampled over shunt resistor or Current Transformer (CT)
  • Voltage sampled over resistor divider network or Potential Transformer (PT)
  • Programmable L line and/or N line metering modes
    • Anti-tampering mode (larger power)
    • L line mode (fixed L line)
    • L+N mode (applicable for single-phase three-wire system)
    • Flexible mode (configure through register)
  • Voltage channel (when gain is '1'): 120µVrms~600mVrms
  • L line current channel (when gain is '24'): 5µVrms~25mVrms
  • N line current channel (when gain is '1'): 120µVrms~600mVrms

Основные параметры


Meter Type:


Dynamic Range:


Temp Coefficient Type (ppm/degC):

15 (ppm/degC)

Active Energy Accy (%):

0.1 %

Temp. Range (deg C):

-40 to 85