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SAM4CP16B Datasheet

(размер файла: 14.84 MB, 1093 стр., ред. K, обновлено: 9 16 г.)
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The Atmel®| SMART SAM4CP16B is a Smart Metering platform based on a high performance 32-bit, dual core ARM Cortex-M4 RISC processor providing maximum speed of 120 MHz each, 1Mbytes of embedded Flash, 128 Kbytes of SRAM and on-chip cache. SAM4CP16B includes an advanced cryptographic engine and embeds a modem for PRIME power line communication (PLC). PRIME (PoweR Line Intelligent Metering Evolution) is a mature, consolidated and worldwide PLC standard for Advanced Metering, Grid Control and Asset Monitoring applications. Atmel PRIME modem implementation includes enhanced PHY layer features such as additional robust modes and frequency band extension. The SAM4CP16B's unique dual ARM Cortex-M4 architecture supports implementation of signal processing, application and communications firmware in independent partitions.

Key Features

  • Application/Master Core
    — ARM Cortex-M4 running at up to 120 MHz
    — Memory Protection Unit (MPU)
    — DSP Instruction
    — Thumb®-2 instruction set
    — Instruction and Data Cache Controller with 2 Kbytes Cache Memory
  • Co-processor
    — ARM Cortex-M4F running at up to 120 MHz
    — IEEE® 754 Compliant, Single precision Floating-Point Unit (FPU)
    — DSP Instruction
    — Thumb-2 instruction set
    — Instruction and Data Cache Controller with 2 Kbytes Cache Memory
  • Symmetrical/Asynchronous Dual Core Architecture
    — Interrupt-based Interprocessor Communication
    — Asynchronous Clocking
    — One Interrupt Controller (NVIC) for each core
    — Each Peripheral IRQ routed to each NVIC Input
  • Cryptography
    — High-performance AES 128 to 256 with various modes (GCM, CBC, ECB, CFB, CBC-MAC, CTR)
    — TRNG (up to 38 Mbit/s stream, with tested Diehard and FIPS)
    — Classical Public Key Crypto accelerator and associated ROM library for RSA, ECC, DSA, ECDSA
    — Integrity Check Module (ICM) based on Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA1, SHA224, SHA256), DMA assisted
  • Safety
    — 4 Physical Anti-tamper Detection I/O with Time Stamping and Immediate Clear of General Backup Registers
    — Security bit for Device Protection from JTAG accesses
  • PRIME PLC embedded modem
    — Power Line Carrier Modem for 50 Hz and 60 Hz mains
    — 97-carriers OFDM PRIME compliant
    — DBPSK, DQPSK, D8PSK modulation schemes available
    — Additional enhanced modes available: DBPSK Robust, DQPSK Robust
    — Eight selectable channels between 42kHz to 472kHz available
    — Baud rate Selectable: 5.4 to 128.6 kbps
    — Four dedicated buffers for transmission/reception
    — Up to 124.6 dBμVrms injected signal against PRIME load
    — Up to 79.6 dB of dynamic range in PRIME networks
    — Automatic Gain Control and continuous amplitude tracking in signal reception
    — Class D switching power amplifier control
  • Shared System Controller
    — Power Supply
    — Embedded Core and LCD Voltage Regulator for single supply operation
    — Power-on-Reset (POR), Brownout Detector (BOD) and Watchdog for safe operation
    —Low Power Sleep and Backup modes

Основные параметры


Flash (kBytes):

1024 kBytes

SRAM (kBytes):


Temp. Range (deg C):

-40 to 85