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MSL1061/1064 Complete

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The Atmel mSilica MSL1064 is a LED driver with integrated boost regulator capable of driving six LED strings at 30mA up to 48V for lighting applications to 8W, allowing up to 72 LEDs per driver.

The MSL1064 incorporates a current mode PWM boost regulator with 50V internal switch and a wide, 4.75V to 36V input voltage range. The 1.1MHz switching frequency uses a small-sized inductor and output capacitors while maintaining high efficiency and low ripple voltage and noise. The boost regulator uses digital control and requires no external compensation.

An I2C/SMB compatible serial interface operates up to 1MHz, giving access to internal 8-bit PWM dimming and 4-bit analog current adjustment for 12-bit current control. Individual string enable and fault reporting are available. The MSL1064 operates with one fixed I2C slave address.

The MSL1064 is also easy to employ without using an I2C interface, dimming with an external PWM signal.

Analog dimming of LED string current is available for use with an Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) and/or temperature management with a thermistor or IC temperature sensor.

Основные параметры


Interface Type:


Number of Strings:


Max Current per String:


LEDs per String:


Max String Match:


String Current Global:

4 bits + R

String PWM Global:

8 bits


Internal 1.1MHz




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