The Atmel® Software Framework (ASF) is a MCU software library providing a large collection of embedded software for Atmel flash MCUs: megaAVR, AVR XMEGA, AVR UC3 and SAM devices.

  • It simplifies the usage of microcontrollers, providing an abstraction to the hardware and high-value middlewares
  • ASF is designed to be used for evaluation, prototyping, design and production phases
  • ASF is integrated in the Atmel Studio IDE with a graphical user interface or available as standalone for GCC, IAR compilers
  • ASF can be downloaded for free

Access the ASF documentation.

Note: ASF in Atmel Studio does not require a specific download. Use Atmel Studio Extension Manager (Tools->Extension Manager) or visit Atmel Gallery to update ASF in Atmel Studio.

UPDATE: Download the LATEST version of Atmel Software Framework, v3.34.2 from Microchip.


Release Notes


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Atmel Software Framework 3.33 Release Notes

Atmel Software Framework 3.33 Release Notes

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