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The scope of this application note is to guide customers to design ISM band antenna for 915MHz/2.4GHz ISM bands and use them in applications based on AT86RF212B/AT86RF233 transceivers. This Applic...


This application note describes about the various Reduced Power Consumption (RPC) modes available in megaRFR2 and AT86RF233 devices and provides a detailed profile showcasing the power consumption, ap...

This application note outlines practical RF layout using microstrip to connect wireless micro controllers with baluns and antennas. Unbalanced and Balanced (differential) microstrip techniques are dis...

The scope of this application note is to guide the PCB designers to choose an appropriate 16MHz and 32.768kHz crystal, which can satisfy the various application needs based on crystal size, ESR, load ...


AVR2027: AES Security Module
(Revision A, 23 pages)

This document briefly reviews IEEE 802.15.4 /ZigBee® cryptography and shows how the AT86RF231's and AT86RF212's security modules simplify the implementation of these features.


Atmel AT16802: Antenna Tune Up
(Revision A, 24 pages)

This document endeavors to inform Engineers how to tune 2.4GHz Antennas. This example matches a 2.4GHz chip antenna that could be used for ZigBee, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth Radios. A Vector Network Analyzer...


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