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This hands-on will demonstrate the ease of use of the different Atmel QTouch technology tools which are used to develop and tune capacitive buttons, sliders and wheels designs, providing within Atmel ...

The goal of this hands-on is to: • Explain how to Create and configure a FreeRTOS™ Project under AS 6.1 • Give an overview of FreeRTOS mechanism • Explain how to use FreeRTOS and its Kernel O...

The goal of this hands-on is to: • Give an overview of SAM4L Peripheral Even System mechanism • Illustrate the principle by a concrete example

The goal of this hands-on is to: • Describe the main features of the Segment LCD Controller (LCDCA) • Understand how to configure and use them to maximize power efficiency

The goal of this hands-on is to: • Become familiar with the Atmel SAM4L-EK Evaluation Kit • Run and test the SAM4L-EK Demo • Compare the measured current consumption values with the datasheet...

The Goal of this Hands-on is to: • Develop an application based on the SleepWalking feature of the SAM4L Peripheral Event System • Learn more about SAM4L features: • Low Power techniques, Pow...


Using SAM-BA on the SAM4L-EK
(Revision A, 29 pages)

The goal of this hands-on is to: • Understand how to deploy SAM-BA boot on the SAM4L • Understand the differences in the SAM-BA boot process with other SAM3/SAM4 devices • Modify an existing ...


SAM D21 XPRO USB Host MSC Bootloader
(Revision A, 42 pages)

This Training document will guide to develop a USB Host bootloader project for SAM D21 device. This USB MSC Host bootloder can detect a mass storage device (for example a USB thumb-drive) when connect...

The goal of this hands-on is to: • Create a Touch project using QTouch Project Builder • Use QTouch Analyzer to test the project • Implement a PWM signal using the SAM D21 Timer/Counters for ...

The goal of this hands-on is to: • Become familiar with the SAM4S low-power modes and understand their main differences • Measure the power consumption on the core power supply (VDDCORE) and com...

The goal of this hands-on is to: • Get Started on SAM-BA for Linux, the Atmel In System Programming tool for Atmel ARM-based MPUs • Use SAM-BA Graphical UI to connect to the SAMA5D3 Xplained boa...

This hands-on will demonstrate how to develop Arduino using Atmel Studio along with the rich user interface and other great development tools that it provides. A recommended migration methodology, fro...


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