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Evaluation kits and graphical user interface to assist customer's evaluation. Please contact factory for pricing and availability.
Evaluation Kit
This application note explains how to drive the LEDs for a scrolling and/or edge lit LCD-TV backlight system (Including 3D applications) using the Atmel MSL2164.


MSL2021/23/24 LED Drivers Flyer
(Revision A, 2 pages)

... Getting Started For a head start on your lighting design, you can take advantage of the MSL202X Evaluation Kit that will include: ...

(329 KB)
The Atmel MSL2010 Boost Demo Board demonstrates a one-string LED driver with built-in boost regulator. The Demo Board is fully assembled and tested, and includes a potentiometer controlled Pulse Width...

Atmel MSLxxxx is a series of compact, high power LED drivers. This application note explains how to use 8-bit Atmel AVR® microcontrollers to interface with these LED drivers. MSLxxxx series of drivers...


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