Device Overview

Delivering unrivaled ease of use, Atmel® AVR® microcontrollers (MCUs) enable you to create solutions that best meet your customers' needs for a broad range of applications.



Atmel tinyAVR® microcontrollers offer an unrivalled combination of small package size, processing power, analog performance, and system-level integration. Within the Atmel AVR family, the tinyAVR series offers not only the most compact and feature-rich devices but also the only devices capable of operating down to 0.7V. These small yet powerful and feature-rich MCUs provide a wide variety of peripherals, ranging from the most basic to more advanced.
In 2016, Atmel is introducing a new set of tinyAVR products that will deliver an unmatched level of performance in the low-end MCU market — giving designers the utmost value for the money along with ease of development.
tinyAVR products range from 6 to 32 pins and from 0.5kB to 16kB of Flash memory.
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When your designs require some extra muscle, you need an Atmel megaAVR® MCU. Developed for applications that need to store a large amount of program code, megaAVR devices offers substantial program and data memories and performance approaching 1 MIPS per MHz. Better still, megaAVR MCUs deliver the power of self-programmability for fast, secure, cost-effective remote upgrades.
AVR XMEGA products range from 28 to 100 pins and from 4kB to 384kB of Flash memory.
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Atmel AVR XMEGA® MCUs extend battery life and help to reduce a project’s bill of material. The devices combine a unique set of functions that ensures high throughput and real-time performance with ultra-low power consumption and the highest level of integration. AVR XMEGA MCUs feature 12-bit analog (ADCs and DACs), DMA (direct memory access), and an Event System that allows peripherals to co-operate without using any CPU or bus resources. Some AVR XMEGA devices feature crypto functionality or XCL (XMEGA Custom Logic) for even higher integration levels.
AVR XMEGA products range from 32 to 100 pins and from 8kB to 384kB of Flash memory.
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The Atmel AVR32 UC3 32-bit product family is built on the new AVR32 UC architecture. It is optimized for highly integrated embedded applications requiring microcontrollers with on-chip Flash program memory. AVR UC3 microcontrollers achieve high computational throughput, real-time behavior, and low power consumption.
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AVR Wireless

Atmel Wireless MCUs provide a complete single source for IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee® wireless applications incorporating their own RF transceiver chips, AVR MCUs and specific kits and tools. The radio chips feature the best link budgets in the industry today and are available for the 2.4 GHz and 700/800/900 MHz ISM bands. A rich selection of free software for complete system solutions supporting the Atmel chipsets includes:

  • Low-level drivers / transceiver access toolbox
  • IEEE 802.15.4 MAC
  • Wireless IPv6/ 6LoWPAN
  • ZigBee and ZigBee PRO stack

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