Low Power Capacitive Touch Surface Solution


The massive adoption of smartphones and tablets with capacitive touchscreens has set a new level of expectations for user interfaces in consumer products such as wearable/IoT devices, remote controls and PC/gaming controls. This new category of products requires a surfaces solution with lower power consumption, higher cost optimization, and application integration. The Atmel QTouch® Surface platform supports all these requirements by allowing a designer to take any Atmel ARM® Cortex®-M0+ based microcontroller, such as the Atmel®│SMART SAM D20, and easily add low power touch surface control at no additional cost.


Key Features

Key features of the QTouch Surface Platform include:

  • World’s lowest power capacitive touch surface control with a wake-up on surface touch from a standby current down to 4µA
  • Works with all Atmel│SMART ARM Cortex-M0+ microcontrollers
  • Supports multi touch on the following surface size ranges
    • 2.7” with 2mm touch separation
    • 5.5” with 14mm touch separation
  • Scan rates up to 100Hz

Development Support

To help accelerate a designer's development, the QTouch Surface Platform will offer easy-to-use software and hardware tools.

  • QTouch Surface Library and QTouch Composer support for QTouch Surface will be available free of charge in the Atmel Gallery
  • Atmel Xplained Pro, our hardware development platform, supports the QTouch Surface Platform


Get the user guides and software files for the QTouch Surface Platform.

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