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A general-purpose evaluation platform that demonstrates the features of the AT73C224. The board is connected to the PC and is used with Atmel software to quickly evaluate the performance of its highly integrated 4-channel power supply (2 x DCDCs and 2 x LDOs in a small 5x5 mm QFN32 package). The kit includes an ultra-low power real-time clock (RTC) and backup battery management. The kit can be supplied by one single source, such as a single cell Li-Ion battery or any power supply between 3-5 volts.

Key Features

  • Fully assembled evaluation board with test pins
  • Optimized layout to reduce ground bounce and EMI
  • Full output voltage control by dedicated software
  • Parallel port and serial interface
  • Very low quiescent current

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AT73C224 Software
AT73C224 Software
(541989, updated February 2009)