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The AT7913E SpaceWire RTC Development Kit is a comprehensive development kit from STAR-Dundee Ltd. and is designed specifically to support the development of hardware and software based on the AT7913E processor. The development kit consists of a well-engineered development unit and a complete all-in-one software development environment. It provides great flexibility and supports a variety of test and development scenarios in a single instrument. It helps both hardware and software engineers at all stages of SpW-RTC-related system development: evaluation, hardware prototyping, software development and debugging. The AT7913E SpaceWire RTC Development Kit provides a complete package to help reduce development time and cost.

This kit is available from STAR-Dundee Ltd.

Key Features

  • Robust hardware unit based on the AT7913E radiation-tolerant SpaceWire RTC device (SpW-RTC)
  • FPGA connects SpW-RTC to additional on-board resource or to external equipment
  • Multiple options for connection to host computer
  • Complete software development environment and comprehensive debugger
  • CodeRocket software design tool provides pseudocode and flowchart visualizations of algorithms
  • Eclipse IDE, GCC tool chain
  • Additional STAR-Dundee plug-ins for RTC-specific features to aid software development