Debug board for Atmel AT89LP devices.


AT89LP Developer Studio
AT89LP Developer Studio
(11.3MB, updated September 2012)
AT89LP Developer Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Atmel's family of LP (Low Power) single-cycle core 8051 microcontrollers. The LP Studio IDE provides project management, text editor for code entry, cycle accurate simulation, and On-Chip-Debug. It runs on Windows OS.

What's New:
- KEIL, IAR, SDCC tool-chain support
- Multi-file Assembly and C source code support
- On-Chip Debug Assembly and C source code stepping
- New C-Based device simulator
- New Project Create Wizard
AT89LP ISP Studio
AT89LP ISP Studio
(3.96MB, updated September 2012)
The AT89LP ISP Studio software performs in-system programming (ISP) of Atmel AT89LP devices. It provides an intuitive interface for in-system programming that can be run from a personal computer. ISP studio programs target devices through an RS232 serial connection with a hardware board. REQUIRED MODULES:
- Microsoft .NET Framework (version 2.0 or above) logo