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Atmel Trusted Platform Modules

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The Atmel AT97SC3205T-SDK2 (I²C) Development Kit is a custom USB board based upon the Atmel SAM4S ARM microcontroller and the Atmel I²C AT97SC3205T Trusted Platform Module (TPM) device. User-friendly demonstration and evaluation software is provided with the kit on a USB flash drive. The drive contains demonstration Source Code, hex images for reloading the demo code (if necessary), and Kit Schematics. A USB extension cable is also included. The kit is updateable with the latest SAM4S ARM firmware, when available.

Please contact for more details on demonstration software updates.

* Replaces the AT97SC3204T-X1K180 Development Kit.

Key Features

  • AT97SC3205 I²C TPM
  • Mini JTAG Connector
  • JTAG Connector

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