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This kit consists of two main boards and a battery-powered tag. First main board is the control board for the LF (125kHz) trigger circuit based on ATA5279. The full-function, smart power ICs generate a magnetic LF field with an antenna coil to transmit wake-up strings and data or commands to an active tag. Second main board is the UHF receiver unit to receive the message from the battery-powered tag. This board operates at 433MHz using the ATA5745 receiver IC. The battery power tag bases on an embedded ultra-low power AVR 8-bit microcontrollers with 8kByte Flash memory and an integrated RF transmission at 433MHz and LF receiving functionality at 125kHz in a small QFN32 package.

Please note:  We are not directly distributing the application and firmware from the website but will gladly do so on request. Please send an email to with your Name, Company, and a brief description of the application you are working on. You will receive a reply directing you on how to receive the complete distribution file for this kit.

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