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ATAK51004-V1 provides a complete system showing an all Atmel® solution for Remote Keyless Entry (RKE), Passive Entry Passive Start (PEPS), and Immobilizer (IMM) applications. This system uses AES-128 encryption to protect the realistic multi-channel RF and LF communication protocols and supports 1-way RF communication for PEPS. These open-source protocols are documented and published within the “Documents” tab.

Several Learn modes have been implemented to demonstrate pairing of a key fob to a vehicle. The status of the system is displayed on both the hardware LEDs and a comprehensive PC GUI. Combined with Atmel's advanced devices, multi-channel RF messaging provides exceptional performance even in the presence of interference. The system provides the basic hardware needed for the vehicle side and introduces the NEW ATA5291 integrated immobilizer Basestation and 4-channel (expandable to 8) PEPS coil driver as well as ATA5782 RF RX along with a microcontroller. The key fob side includes 2 variants; A)The ATA5795C provides a single chip solution for RKE and Immobilizer key fob and B)The ATA5791 (not recommended for new designs) incorporates the RKE, Immobilizer, & the 3-D LF wake up for PEPS with 1-way RF into a single IC device. Through this tool, Atmel has made it very easy to implement a complete car access and security system using Atmel high-performance devices.

This kit is supported by all standard AVR® development tools such as Atmel Studio 6.2, STK®600, JTAGICE3, AVR Dragon, etc.

Key Features

  • Complete Atmel Car Access Solution
  • Atmel Open PEPS/RKE Protocol (AVR411)
  • Atmel Open Immobilizer Protocol (AOIP)
  • Dedicated controller board with PC GUI
  • Demonstrates Keyfob localization along with RSSI calibration
  • Keyfob learning via LF or RF
  • Adjustable LF antenna current

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ATAK51004-V1 Tool Package
ATAK51004-V1 Tool Package
(43.3 MB, updated November 2015)