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ATM90E2x Single-Phase Energy Metering Demo Board is used for the demo and testing of ATM90E2x (single-phase energy metering AFE chip of Atmel), which can sample single-phase voltage and current, meter active/reactive energy and output active/reactive energy pulses accordingly, as well as measure parameters such as voltage, current and power.

The AFE Control Board - SAM4C communicates with and controls the AFE board, providing easy access to evaluate the energy metering chips.

Key Features

AFE Board
  • ATM90E26: single-phase energy metering AFE chip
  • Voltage sampling: resistor divider network
  • Current sampling
    • Shunt resistor or Current Transformer (CT) for L line current
    • Current Transformer (CT) for N line current
  • Energy pulses
    • Active energy pulse indicator and isolated output
    • Reactive energy pulse indicator and isolated output
  • One communication connector
  • Crystal: 8.192MHz
  • Power supply for demo board
    • AC 100V-240V line voltage input
    • DC 9V power input
    • External 3.3V input
Control Board
  • Atmel® SAM4C microcontroller
  • Two possible power sources
    • External DC9V
    • External 3.3V from the daughter board
  • Digital I/O
    • Five mechanical buttons
      • One reset button
      • Two switch buttons for display (including forward and backward button)
      • Two wake up buttons (one is FWUP, the other is TMP0)
    • One extension header
    • One communication connector
  • Segment LCD display
  • Five types of communication interfaces
    • One USB
    • One RS485
    • One RS232
    • One Infrared Radiation (IR)
    • One Optical Infrared Radiation (OIR)
  • One EEPROM

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