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The Atmel® ATPL250A-EK is a hardware platform for evaluating the ATPL250A modem for G3 power line communication. The kit provides easy access to the features of the ATPL250A and explains how to integrate the device in a custom design.

This EK comprises

  • Two ATPL250AMB modem boards.
  • Coupling boards suited for transmission and reception in specific frequency bands.
  • Two USB to micro-B USB cables.
  • Two power cord cables (IEC320-C8).
  • Set of jumpers to configure the board (230/100 VAC selection, ERASE,..).

More Information

  • Please follow the instructions in the EK to get access to additional information related to hardware, software and useful PC applications:
  • ATPL250A-EK User Manual, detailing how to start using the kit.
  • "Hardware" folder: contains schemes and Gerber files for the ATPL250AMB and coupling boards, as well as specific documentation about the chip.
  • "Software" folder: includes example projects showing the features of Atmel G3-PLC software stack. Software documentation is provided as well.
  • "Tools" folder: comprises PC applications that can be immediately used to evaluate ATPL250A and its performance.

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ATPL250A-EK Release Note

ATPL250A-EK Release Note

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