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The SAMA5D2 Xplained Ultra is a fast prototyping and evaluation platform for the Atmel | SMART SAMA5D2 series of microprocessors. The board includes eMMC and DDR3 memories as well as a rich set of connectivity options. Connectors and expansion headers allows for easy customization and quick access to leading-edge embedded features such as the ClassD amplifier or the capacitive touch controller. An Atmel Linux distribution and software package allows you to easily get started with your development.

Key Features

  • Based on Atmel ATSAMA5D27-CU-ES (ATSAMA5D2-XULT)
  • Based on Atmel ATSAMA5D27B-CU (ATSAMA5D2B-XULT)
  • x2 DDR3L 2Gb 16-Bit
  • x1 eMMC 4GB
  • x1 flash QSPI
  • x1 Ser.E2P+Mac add
  • x1 Ethernet 10/100 Port
  • x2 USB Port
  • 6-layers PCB

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Contents: ATSAMA5D2-XULT board