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The Atmel Light and Proximity delivers a compete optical sensing solution combining an Ambient Light Sensor for adjusting system settings based on ambient conditions, such as backlight strength to optimize power consumption, with three IR based emitters for use in proximity detection. The Osram ALS product drives the IR emitters directly with modulated patterns, so that it is easy to combine the multiple inputs and determine basic up / down, and left / right type gestures up to a range of several centimeters above the board.

This board is compatible with all of the Atmel AVR Xplain Series of controller boards offering a wide choice of Atmel AVR controllers for your solution.

Sensors Xplained software support is available for all the supported sensor devices. The drivers work in conjunction with AVR Studio 5 and the Atmel Software Framework versions 2.5 and higher.

  • Accelerate your product development with driver support for a wide range of sensor solutions integrated to the Studio 5 development environment
  • Provides a hardware independent C language interface to enable easy, flexible pairing of the ideal AVR microcontroller and your required sensor functions
  • Drivers include support for calibration and scaling of data - providing you standard unit output from sensors, along with easy configuration and initialization
  • Demonstration projects that quickly integrate software libraries and hardware definitions to accelerate your application development

Atmel has worked with a number of industry leading sensors companies to make easily available to you a range of best in class examples of popular types of sensors. Our current list of partners includes AKM, Bosch Sensortec, Honeywell Aerospace, InvenSense, Kionix and Osram Opto Semiconductors. Details and links to additional information can be found on Atmel Sensor Partners Page.

Key Features

  • Complete optical sensing solution — Provide a complete optical sensing solution for both Ambient Light and IR base Proximity and gesture detection
  • ALS with IR calibrations — Ambient Light Sensor with IR Calibrations from Osram Opto Semiconductor (SFH7770)
  • Three Infrared emitters — Three Infrared emitters 3 from Osram Opto Semiconductor (SFH4059)
  • ALS interface — ALS Sensor is interfaced via I2C, IR emitters are driven by the ALS Sensor device

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