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The kit contains complete hardware for evaluating the highly accurate analog functionality of Atmel AVR devices and demonstrating how to interface external memories. The kit includes 8MB SDRAM and 8MB DataFlash connected to the Atmel ATxmega128A1, and eight push buttons and eight LEDs for user interaction. The USB interface is a communication gateway between the ATxmega128A1 USB COM port and power source. The ADC can be used to read a temperature sensor and potentiometer, and the DAC can be used to generate sound on a mono speaker. Drivers for ATxmega128A1 peripheral modules are availablein the XMEGA application notes section.

The AVR Xplain kit is only available as a bundle consisting of AVR Xplain, Display Xplained and QTouch Xplained.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Includes AD and DAC
  • External memory includes 8MB SDRAM, 8MB data flash
  • User interaction via 8 push buttons and 8 LEDs
  • USB interface

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