Atmel BitCloud SDK provides a full-featured set of tools—including full-featured reference applications, BitCloud ZigBee PRO libraries, documentation, etc.—to quickly design and develop wireless products compliant to ZigBee LightLink, ZigBee Home Automation and ZigBee OEM requirements. BitCloud SDK implements reliable, scalable and secure wireless solution that supports large mesh networks of hundreds of devices, and is optimized for ultra low for ultra low power consumption with upto 15 years battery life.

Key Features

  • Full standards compliance with the ZigBee PRO certified platform
  • Reference applications implementing ZigBee LightLink and ZigBee Home Automation devices
  • Easy-to-use C API
  • Ultimate data reliability with true mesh routing
  • Large network support for hundreds of devices, optimized for ultra low power consumption
  • Flexible, easy to use developer tools
  • One-source support from ZigBee PRO stack experts

BitCloud SDK for megaRF
BitCloud SDK for megaRF
(136 MB, updated August 2014)
Version 3.1.0
BitCloud SDK for SAMR21
BitCloud SDK for SAMR21
(125 MB, updated August 2014)