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The kit adds secure HF RFID capabilities to prevent counterfeiting of medical and consumable products; track and record ownership, access control, and loyalty; and to conveniently store configuration and other sensitive data. The included pluggable Atmel CryptoRF® reader board contains the necessary circuitry and antenna to communicate with any HF RFID transponder compliant with the ISO 14443 type B standard. The kit's reference design makes it possible to include HF RFID capability in spaces smaller and more confined than previously possible. Measuring only 31.9mm by 24.8mm for reader circuitry or only or 72.2mm by 24.8mm with the reference antenna, it targets space-constrained applications such as portable and handheld devices. Used with CryptoRF, gadgets like game consoles and appliances like medical robotic handles can securely pair with cartridges and surgical heads, confidentially sharing history and configuration information wirelessly. The kit is designed for a wide variety of applications that operate in harsh environments (wet, dry, frost, mechanical vibrations, etc.) without suffering dirty or worn contacts. The core of the open-standards HF RFID reference design features the AT88RF1354 HF RFID reader IC, which supports ISO 14443 type B open standards for 13.56MHz RFID communications. The reader IC interoperates with any compliant HF RFID transponder, including the Atmel CryptoRF.

Key Features

  • Kit includes: microbase board, CryptoRF reader development board, USB extension cable, CryptoRF samp

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CMES 1.0.4 Setup
CMES 1.0.4 Setup
(66.9MB, updated May 2014)
The Atmel CryptoMemory® Evaluation Studio (CMES) package is a suite of software tools to configure and demonstrate the Atmel CryptoMemory and the Atmel CryptoRF® devices.
AT88CK201STK Development Kit Firmware for CryptoRF
AT88CK201STK Development Kit Firmware for CryptoRF
(27044, updated December 2009)