CryptoAuthLib is a software support library for the Atmel ATSHA204A, ATECC108A and ATECC508A CryptoAuthentication devices written in C. It is a portable, extensible, powerful, and easy-to-use library for working with the ATSHA and ATECC family devices. Example code and application notes for various use cases demonstrate how to use CryptoAuthLib to develop powerful crypto-authentication applications.

Key Features

  • Ease of Use — A Basic API serves the needs of most applications
  • Powerful — For sophisticated applications and developers, the full power of the device is available through a core API
  • Portable — Runs on small processors and desktop systems alike
  • Extensible — Is architected to easily support new MCU platforms or protocols
  • X.509 Certificate Support — Has an API for storing, retrieving, and manipulating X.509 certificates
  • TLS Integration APIs


CryptoAuthLib Firmware Library 20160108
CryptoAuthLib Firmware Library 20160108
(12MB, updated January 2016)
Driver Support for Atmel CryptoAuthentication Devices

Released: 2016 January 8
SHA256: f72fd4a7f4332408fe8e6defb73a2814e06f0a4cfc4389bf2d0adb807ec03fa0

AT88CK101 Firmware 2.0.2
AT88CK101 Firmware 2.0.2
(40KB, updated August 2013)