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Pervasive DisplaysThe EPD Xplained Pro, from Pervasive Displays, is an extension kit for the Atmel Xplained Pro evaluation platform and is designed to kick-start e-Paper display (EPD) development using Atmel microcontrollers.

More Information

For more information including documentation, design files, project code, and purchase options, please visit Pervasive Displays.

Key Features

  • Supports driving Pervasive Displays 1.44", 2" and 2.7" EPD panels
  • On-board 8M bits serial Flash memory and temperature sensor
  • On-board LDO voltage regulator to 3V for EPD operation
  • Open documentation, driving waveform for EPD panel
  • Atmel Studio - Atmel Software Framework (ASF) project source code provided
  • Xplained Pro hardware identification system