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A complete IEEE802.11b+g WLAN evaluation and development kit for Atmel 32-bit AVR UC3 microcontrollers. The kit contains the HDG104 WLAN module from H&D Wireless AB, which offer the low power consumption, high communication speed, and long range.

The Wi-Fi extension board has an SD card form factor, and connects easily to any 32-bit AVR UC3 evaluation kit with a SD card socke. The Wi-Fi TCP/IP stack is included in the AVR UC3 Software Framework, and supports both SPI and SDIO communication to the board.

Key Features

  • Complete IEEE802.11b+g WLAN platform
  • Low power
  • High speed
  • Long range
  • SD card accessible
  • Supports SPI and SDIO

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EVK1105 HTTP Demo elf file
EVK1105 HTTP Demo elf file
(656103, updated November 2009)