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Full-featured EDA suite with state-of-the-art, Mentor Graphics synthesis and simulation tools integrated into a user-friendly design environment. The software supports VHDL and Verilog design flows for the ATF15xx family of complex programmable logic devices. This suite also includes a JTAG in-system programming utility and filter technologies to enable logic doubling in ATF15xx CPLDs. Optional add-on tools support schematic and CUPL design flows. A two-year license for Mentor Tool Precision Synthesis software is now available.


Atmel ProChip Designer v5.0
Atmel ProChip Designer v5.0
(191MB, updated April 2007)

EDA suite with Atmel OEM version of Mentor Graphics Precision Synthesis and ModelSim for Atmel ATF15xx CPLDs.

Note:  Requires Atmel-approved two-year license.