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This reference design describes how to realize a door handle with proximity detection using ATSAMD21 microcontroller. It uses an integrated peripheral touch controller for capacitive touch sensing, whereas the Bluetooth communication is implemented with ATBTLC1000 and BlueSDK. The design demonstrates a passive entry door access system for hospitality and residential door access applications. The solution incorporates a low power secure Bluetooth communication between key and door handle. Typical LF communication interface that allows to locate the position of access key is not demonstrated in this solution.

Key Features

  • ATSAMD21 ARM-based MCU and BTLC1000 bluetooth module (precertified)
  • Small form factor design on a single PCB (includes MCU, BLE, Sensor)
  • Proximity Sensing with 2cm range
  • Sensor Design and shielding techniques
  • Fast response time of 1sec (with authentication)
  • Access control through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.1)
  • Low power consumption (less than 40µA in standby sleep)