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The SAM C20 QTouch Robustness Evaluation kit demonstrates the high capacitive touch performance of the Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC) while achieving best-in-class conducted immunity and moisture tolerance required in home appliance and industrial applications.

The demo is based on the QTouch Library.

Key features:

  • Ships with firmware that pass 15V conducted immunity test exceeding IEC/EN 61000-4-6 level 3 (10V)
  • Advanced noise and moisture countermeasures – adjustable for any environmental conditions
  • Fast response time

The demo is supported by QTouch Composer 5.7, available for download free of charge at the Atmel Gallery,

What’s in the box

  • SAM C20 QTouch Robustness Demo kit
  • USB TypeA/MicroB cable 1.5m

Key Features

  • Four self-capacitance buttons with Philip Spring
  • One six channel self-capacitance slider using Philip Springs
  • One seven segment LED to display slider position
  • Buzzer for audio feedback
  • On-board Embedded Debugger module for programming/debugging and QDebug data streaming
  • Connectivity with the Atmel QTouch Analyzer

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