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The SAM3N Evaluation Kit (SAM3N-EK) enables evaluation capabilities and code development of applications running on a SAM3N device.

Key Features

  • The SAM3N-EK includes many hardware peripherals such as:
  • 32-Megabit Serial DataFlash®
  • 2.0 inch TFT color LCD display with backlight
  • UART port with level shifter IC
  • Micro SD interface
  • Reset buttons: NRST
  • User buttons: Left and Right
  • QTouch® buttons: Left, Right, and Slider
  • JTAG port
  • On-board power regulation
  • Two user LEDs
  • Power LED
  • ZigBee® connector

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SAM3N-EK Demo Sources
SAM3N-EK Demo Sources
(1038863, updated September 2010)
SAM3N-EK demo sources. Installation instructions can be found in the demo release notes.